vSphere Replication

vSphere Replication is bundled in almost all vSphere editions (except the Essentials kit). This tool is able to cover many use cases of virtual machine replication, up to a complete site protection.

This article series will take you through the steps of implementing vSphere Replication, by starting with a conceptual overview, and then deploying, configuring and using the product. At the end you should be familiar with the product and ready to use it in production!

Part 1 – Concept and architecture

Part 2 – Deployment of the appliance

Part 3 – Basic setup and custom certificate

Part 4 – Replication and monitoring

Part 5 – Recovery test

Beside this article series, you could also be interested by a few more things:

vSphere Replication – Create an alarm for RPO violations

If you wish to dig further, you can check the official documentation, a great FAQ and of course the release notes, which are always a fantastic source of information!

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