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Install a custom certificate for vRealize Operations Manager

Today we are going to install a custom, CA-signed certificate for our new instance of vROps.

VMware published information about the certificate requirements (in short: .pem file, full certificate chain required), as well as a procedure to update the certificate. However this procedure is limited (it does not configure the certificate, for instance), so we are going to develop this part a little bit. As in previous articles, we are using a Microsoft-based certificate authority.

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vCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) – Part 4 – Deploy CA-signed certificates

In part 3, we finished the setup of our appliance. But if we really want a polished installation we still have a “little” thing to do: replace the self-signed certificates by certificates signed by our internal Certificate Authority.

Let’s be honest: replacing certificates for the vSphere platform has always been a mess (to say the least) ! But thanks to the great work of Michael Webster and Derek Seaman, things got better! First, they produced clear procedures to replace the certificates. Then Derek went a step further and wrote a powershell script that automates the first part of the process (certificate generation).

In parallel, VMware greatly improved its own documentation (… maybe with the support of the two guys above 🙂 ), and even has a tool which can update certificates on some VMware products… But not the vCSA!

Let’s sum it up: we are still waiting for the perfect tool, but in the meantime, there are clear (but lenghty 🙂 ) procedures to update the certificates. And so… Let’s do it!

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